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Beego Shea is a singer, composer and a producer, originally from Slovakia. Her career path led her through a church choir and countless singing competitions to Prague, where she continues in achieving her musical goals and dreams.

She started out in a Prague rock band where she got the real rock’n’roll schooling and also acquired her alias: Beego. Not long after that, she initiated various revival projects such as Czech Pussycat and a Madonna revival, then became a part of a dance crew Colors of Dance. She continued to foster her singing potential with a renowned opera singer Mrs. Ludmila Vavreckova.


Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.
Dieter Rams


With the right brand company may increase the expected value of the product, build relationships that overcome time and boundaries, and to develop these relations in the long bundles.

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Beego Shea
singer, composer and a producer, originally from Slovakia

I was looking for 3 months for a web designer to craft my new look for my website. It really was a nightmare. Then one day I found that person! Juraj Guran!

In only 2 meetings he presented his ideas on the redesign and I really fell in love with the new look, immediately. He is a very creative and hard working designer and a step ahead of all the other designers I went through before we met.

The design is fresh, clean, elegant and just everything i was looking for. I have to recommend his work to everyone because of the quality i received and really as anyone will imagine it is so important how you present your product on the web. Also because I am so thankful for his work and my experience working with him!

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